“Deirdre is one of a kind. She is not only an excellent therapist but a true pioneer in the field of pediatric occupational therapy.
Her dedication to the profession has produced the most innovative and creative learning experiences  for her students. Yoga has become a singular therapy approach that has had the most impact on the students she serves.
Her caring and empathetic nature, enthusiasm and 30+ years as a practitioner, has allowed her students to reach their goals in
the classroom and beyond”  
Gina Goldberg,  yoga trainer/ teacher and occupational therapist


“Our son is 5 years old and on the autism spectrum.  Deirdre has worked with him since he is 3 years old and since then he has much such immense progress.  Unlike anyone else that has worked with our son, Deirdre has simply gone above and beyond. She has the passion and expertise to think outside the box and caters her approach to teaching each child based on their specific needs.  She uses our son’s strengths in order to help him improve upon his weaknesses.  Her DIR/floortime, and sensory integration approach to working with special needs children has made a huge impact on our son.  She is also such an important resource for us as parents, offering advice that has been a tremendous help in our household.  And most importantly, she has a positive outlook, which always brings out the best in our son. He wouldn’t be where he is today without her dedication, patience, and love she puts into each and every session with him.”

Jill , parent


“As soon as we opened our kid’s yoga studio in the fall of 2017, Deirdre jumped on board and brought her expertise in working with kids of all ages as an OT as well as a kid’s yoga teacher to our community.  Deirdre taught our weekly family yoga class and subbed the special needs yoga class regularly.  She also has the incredible versatility to teach all of the classes we offer on the schedule from toddler yoga to teen yoga. Deirdre has an amazing rapport with the students she works with as well as the parents.  Deirdre’s kids yoga class is energetic, engaging, developmentally appropriate, and grounding. The emphasis throughout her class is on teaching mindfulness through breath work, yoga postures, movement, and fun!   Deirdre shared her knowledge on how to integrate mindfulness into one’s work with children in two of our Powerflow Yoga Kids Teacher Training Programs.  Her presentations were informative and engaging, yet light and fun! “

Kimie Mittman – director of Powerflow Yoga Kids.